Should I Buy a Single-Battery or Dual-Battery Box Mod?

Are you ready to upgrade from your micro e-cigarette or vape pen to a box mod? Regulated box mods are among the most popular vaping devices in the world today. Box mods are safe and powerful, and they boast all of the most advanced features available in e-cigarettes. If you've decided to buy a box mod, you have a difficult decision to make because the variety of available devices is incredible. You can narrow the pool of candidates quickly, though, by answering one simple question: Between single-battery mods vs. dual battery mods, which should you choose? We'll explain.

Size and Weight

Compared to a single-battery mod, a dual-battery mod is almost always larger due to the increased internal space required to hold two batteries. A dual-battery mod will also usually be heavier than a single-battery mod. A single-battery mod, therefore, is easier to store. If you buy a mod with a locking function and want to carry it in your pocket, you'll have an easier time doing so with a single-battery mod. Although many people agree that smaller is better when it comes to personal electronics, the larger size of a dual-battery mod may actually work out in your favor if you prefer wider tanks or atomizers. Some tanks and atomizers are wider than single-battery box mods, creating an appearance that some people find unappealing.

Battery Life

If you're using the same tank, wattage setting and battery type, you'll get double the battery life with a dual-battery mod compared to a single-battery mod. If you already own a single-battery box mod and are considering upgrading to a dual-battery mod, though, bear in mind that buying a box mod with a higher wattage range may tempt you to start vaping at higher wattage settings. Vaping at a higher wattage will negate at least some of the extra battery capacity gained from upgrading to a dual-battery mod.

Maximum Wattage

A dual-battery box mod can use batteries wired in parallel or series. If you use two batteries with safe maximum currents of 30 amps each, a parallel box mod double the maximum discharge rate of the two batteries to 60 amps total. A series box mod doubles the voltage that the two batteries produce, but the maximum safe discharge rate remains 30 amps. Most dual-battery box mods use series circuits for the maximum possible wattage headroom. Many dual-battery box mods can easily deliver more than 200 watts of power. Few single-battery mods deliver more than 70 watts.

Battery Management

If you buy a dual-battery box mod, you'll have some challenges with battery management that owners of single-battery mods don't have to worry about. If you buy a dual-battery mod, you'll need to buy at least four batteries if you want to charge one set while vaping with another set. In addition, you'll need to marry battery pairs so that you only charge and use one battery with its partner. Marrying batteries is good for safety and helps to prevent uneven battery wear. In addition, you should always buy matched batteries when buying batteries for a dual-battery mod. Both batteries should have the same maker, type, capacity and purchase date.

Final Thoughts

So, how do you decide between single-battery vs. dual-battery box mods? In terms of their capabilities, dual-battery mods are definitely better. They give you more battery life and can reach higher wattages. On the other hand, single-battery mods are small, light and easy to carry. Although a dual-battery mod can reach a higher wattage, that feature is irrelevant if you vape at 30 watts because any box mod can reach that wattage. If you vape at more than 70 watts, though, a dual-battery box mod is the only viable option.