Innokin iTaste Kroma Slipstream Kit

Innokin iTaste Kroma Slipstream KitThere are so many new mods and tanks on the market today that it can be difficult to keep track of what is going on. As new companies appear on a regular basis sometimes the experience, reputation and technology associated with companies such as Innokin is overlooked. However, all you need to do is look at the new Innokin iTaste Kroma Slipstream Kit to see that this is a company at the cutting edge of vaping technology and one which understands what customers require.


 Design of the Innokin iTaste Kroma Slipstream Kit

Before we look at the colors available it is worth noting exactly what this particular kit consists of. There is a Kroma Mod and Slipstream Tank which work perfectly together to create a very enjoyable vaping experience. The Innokin iTaste Kromo Slipstream Kit is available in purple, red, black, stainless steel, green, blue and white. So, not only do the Innokin iTaste Kroma Slipstream Kits create an extremely enjoyable vaping experience but they are also eye-catching!

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 Product description

As we touched on above, the Innokin iTaste Kroma Slipstream Kit consists of a Kroma Mod and the Slipstream Tank. The kit also has the now standard option to vary output with the iTaste Kroma able to deliver as much as 75 W and handle atomizers as low as 0.10 ohms. The Slipstream Tank has a 2 mL eliquid capacity, supports airflow, is a top fill tank and in an interesting customization of standard kits it comes with a delrin tip to keep your lips cool. Those who vape on a regular basis will have experienced a burning sensation on their lips from time to time but not anymore!

Like so many of the better quality kits today, the Slipstream tank is childproof as it requires you to press down on the cap and then unthread. At a time when the vaping industry is coming under intense pressure from critics it is good to see more and more companies carefully considering childproof products.



While many vaping kits look the part it is sometimes difficult to find those which will give you the flavour variation you require. The Innokin iTaste Kroma Slipstream Kit is certainly one which is catching the attention of both new and experienced vapers looking for a reliable product and something a little bit different. While it is always good to see vaping kits available in a range of different colors at the end of the day it is the quality of the product which will shine through.

Those who have used the Innokin iTaste Kroma Slipstream Kit have been waxing lyrical about the quality of the vape it creates with many of also impressed by the durability and ergonomic grip design. If the product is uncomfortable to hold then this most certainly takes away from the enjoyment factor - the fact that this particular vape kit is built around a standard grip has not gone unnoticed. The OLED screen display is very clear, the recharging time is extremely competitive and everything is so compact that you do wonder how Innokin managed to fit everything in!

Innokin has been around for many years now and has a reputation for bringing innovative products to the market. In an industry awash with new releases on a regular basis the fact that the Innokin iTaste Kroma Slipstream Kit stands out says everything. Perfectly shaped, offering a variable flavor strength, easy to use, childproof and available today. What more can we really say?


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